AcegasApsAmga is born

At the start of the year, the multi-utility received an award from Federambiente for good practices aimed at the prevention of waste production, while in February, it came first in the Top Utility ratings and second in those for Top Employer.

In March, Hera launched “Cambia il finale” (“Change the Ending”) for the recycling of bulky waste that can still be used, in order to promote the circular economy. Herambiente Servizi Industriali, offering industrial waste management solutions, was launched at the end of the month and the Group’s most important waste sorting plant was inaugurated in Granarolo, with optical reading and a ballistic separator.

At the end of June, the multi-utility launched a ten-year bond fund to finance programs related to sustainability. After approval of the planned merger between Hera and Amga (Udine), AcegasApsAmga was founded on 1 July to operate in Tiveneto.

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